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The Next Generation of Testbench Debug Productivity

Debug is inherently a challenging process, but this white paper will describe several factors that have made it more complex in recent years. - May 2021

FPGA Prototyping: Supersizing Scale and Performance

The Synopsys HAPS family enables a true solution for its users, taking the mystery and risk out of FPGA prototyping while lowering the cost of investment. - April 2021

Achieving Faster Closure with Reduced Setup and Debug using Advanced RTL ...

Many design houses are continually seeking ways to shorten their effective design cycle to address demanding market requirements, gain a formidable technological advantage, and secure leadership in...

Accelerating SoC Verification Closure with Unified Verification Management ...

This white paper discusses the challenges and requirements for the phases and presents the Synopsys unified solution. - January 2021

Finding and Fixing Design and Testbench Coding Errors on the Fly

This white paper discussed the advantages of this approach and presents the industry-leading Synopsys Euclide solution. - November 2020

Comprehensive Simulation of Power Electronics Systems

This white paper describes a comprehensive solution for the simulation and virtual prototyping of power electronics, ranging from early power module designs to signoff of large-scale, high-fidelity...

Early, Accurate, Signoff-Correlated Power Analysis

This white paper discusses the shortfalls of traditional power analysis and presents a new approach to “shift left” the estimation process while retaining a high degree of accuracy. - October 2020

Verifying Safety-Critical FPGA Designs with Fault Simulation

This white paper focuses on the use of FPGAs for safety-critical designs and how they can be verified to meet functional safety requirements. Fault simulation plays a key role in this process. - ...

Early Verification of Multi-Cycle Paths and False Paths in Simulation

This white paper focuses on false paths and multi-cycle paths, the use of Synopsys Design Constraints (SDC) to specify these exceptions, and the “shift left” of verification from full-timing ...

Shift Left Verification with Comprehensive Lint Signoff

This white paper focuses on advanced linting and how companies can implement shift left verification to catch design issues early using VC SpyGlass Lint capabilities. - June 2020