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System-level Power and Performance Optimization of AI SoC Architectures

Jul 22, 2020 - In this webinar we will discuss the available tools, models, and IP to accelerate the early analysis and optimization of AI SoC architectures.

VHDL-2008 Features & Benefits

July 15, 2020 - Learn some of the many useful new features that were introduced with VHDL 2008, particularly focusing on the features that can be used by the most popular VHDL simulation and ...

RISC-V Formal Verification for ISA Compliance

July 7, 2020 - In this webinar, we will present a solution powered by a unique combination of Synopsys VC Formal apps and Axiomise’s RISC-V ISA formal solution enabling fast corner-case bug ...

Introduction to Coverage Convergence Flow Using VC Formal – Formal Coverage ...

June 30, 2020 - In this webinar, we will introduce coverage convergence flow with FCA and share the types of problems it can efficiently resolve.

Using the Virtual Prototype of the S32G Safe and Secure Vehicle Network ...

June 30, 2020 - This webinar explores the collaborative development between NXP and Synopsys and how NXP was able to bring up most of its S32G device software within two weeks after first silicon ...

Advanced Technologies to Improve VCS Simulation Performance (Part 3)

Jun 17, 2020 - This is part three of our webinar series on how to achieve the best performance with VCS.

Introduction to Formal Verification (Chinese)

June 16, 2020 - For engineers with design and simulation backgrounds, this webinar will be an introduction to formal verification.

Automating Testbench Creation to Accelerate Network-on-Chip Verification

Jun 10, 2020 - In this webinar, we will talk about an automated testbench solution to address the challenge of NoC verification.

FPGA Prototyping: Why Build-Your-Own-Boards Aren’t Cost Effective

Large semiconductor organizations have all transitioned to using high-end, scalable commercial prototyping systems for software bring-up and hardware/software validation tasks. Smaller teams with ...

Enhanced Debug Productivity using Latest Verdi Innovations

June 3, 2020 - This webinar will discuss the elimination of two separate flows for debug and simulation and demonstrate the latest Verdi features which enable faster loading of large design databases.