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How Good is Your Next Android SoC? Predict Performance and Power Using Task ...

Get a 30 second preview of a webinar where we review how application workload models, called task graphs, enable designers of Android based systems to capture the processing and communication ...

DVCon US 2018 Verification Lunch Panel

DVCon US 2018 Verification Lunch Panel

VC Formal Features for Faster Convergence

Ravindra Aneja, Senior Staff Program Manager at Synopsys, demonstrates some of VC Formal’s key features that enable faster convergence and help with Formal signoff.

Debugging Complex PCIe Issues using Synopsys VIP and Verdi Transaction Debug

Varun Sundaran, Senior CAE, demonstrates the debugging of PCIe Gen4 using Synopsys VIP and Verdi debug at the 2017 PCI-SIG Developers Conference.

SNUG 2017 Verification Lunch Panel: Spreadtrum

Bravo Lee and Jeffery Liao share how Spreadtrum used Virtualizer and ZeBu to speed verification and software bring-up of a 14nm, 8-core, 64-bit LTE SoC platform.

SNUG 2017 Verification Lunch Panel: Wave Computing

Bruno Bratti shares how Wave Computing is using ZeBu to address the unique hardware and software verification challenges of machine learning silicon

SNUG 2017 Verification Lunch Panel: SoC Leaders Verify with Synopsys

On March 22, 2017 Synopsys hosted a luncheon event at the annual Synopsys Users Group (SNUG) event in Santa Clara, CA. At this event, Tom Borgstrom spoke about the ongoing collaborations between ...

Casual is the New Formal (series)

The Synopsys Verification Group invites you to learn more about Formal Verification, in our new video blog series: Casual is the New Formal. The videos provide an introduction to Formal ...

Synopsys HAPS Prototyping System Handling

Learn about best practices for handling HAPS FPGA-based prototyping systems, including electro-static discharge (ESD), daughterboard insertion and removal and a proper work environment. - Synopsys,...

Prototype Timing Closure Using Synopsys HAPS-80 with ProtoCompiler

Prototype timing closure is best achieved with a good prototyping methodology and a mix of well-designed equipment and automation tools. HAPS-80 and ProtoCompiler are the fastest and most reliable ...