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Verification Continuum Platform

Find SoC bugs earlier and faster, bring-up software earlier, validate the entire system, verification

Verification IP

Synopsys Verification IP (VIP) provides engineers access to the industry's latest protocols, interfaces and memories required to verify their SoC designs.

VC Verification IP for Memory

Synopsys memory and DRAM Verification IP (VIP) is a complete solution that accelerates verification closure for designers of memory controllers and SoCs.

VC Verification IP for DDR4

Synopsys VIP for JEDEC DDR4 provides higher data rate transfer speeds and a higher module density with lower voltage requirements than the DDR3 SDRAM.

VC Verification IP for DDR3

Synopsys VIP for JEDEC DDR3 is a type of synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM) that has the ability to enable higher bandwidth data rates than DDR2.

VC Verification IP for DDR2

Synopsys VIP for JEDEC DDR2 has capabilities to double pump the data bus as in DDR DRAM and allows higher bus speed while lowering power usage.

VC Verification IP for DFI

Verification IP for DFI defines signals, timing, and programmable parameters required to transfer control information and data to and from the DRAM devices.

VC Verification IP for HBM

Synopsys VC Verification IP for HBM provides a set of features that enables users to achieve rapid verification of High Bandwidth Memory based designs.

VC Verification IP for HMC

Synopsys Verification IP for HMC provides a set of features which enable users to achieve accelerated verification closure of HMC designs.

VC Verification IP for LPDDR5

Verification IP for LPDDR5 is the evolved Low Power DRAM technology, delivering significant reduction in power and extremely high bandwidth compared to LPDDR4.