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Synopsys Suggests

Automotive Electronics Reliability Flow

Widely adopted solutions that address the four key elements of designing and building highly reliable automotive electronics.

Hybrid Vehicle Design and Verification

Complete design and verification solution for hybrid and electric vehicles.

In-Vehicle Network Design

Complete design and verification solution for in-vehicle communication networks.

Saber Aerospace Overview

The proven standard for mechatronic system design and verification, used by Aerospace design teams worldwide to develop complex mixed-technology systems.

Saber Automotive Overview

The industry standard for Robust Design methods for mixed-signal, mixed-domain Mechatronic systems.

Saber Functional Safety

Offering automotive engineers a comprehensive safety verification tool for ISO 26262 random hardware faults.

Saber MAST

The MAST Hardware Description Language (HDL) from Synopsys is the defacto industry standard.

Saber Simulator

Industry Standard for Multi-Domain and Mixed-Signal Simulation

Saber Sketch

Powerful Schematic Capture

SaberES Designer

Quickly and Reliably Design and Verify Vehicle Electrical Systems