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Automotive Electronics Reliability Flow

Widely adopted solutions that address the four key elements of designing and building highly reliable automotive electronics.

DO-254 Solutions

A comprehensive suite of solutions that address the needs of DO-254 compliant ASIC and FPGA development and verification.

Hybrid Vehicle Design and Verification

Complete design and verification solution for hybrid and electric vehicles.

In-Vehicle Network Design

Complete design and verification solution for in-vehicle communication networks.

Saber Aerospace Overview

The proven standard for mechatronic system design and verification, used by Aerospace design teams worldwide to develop complex mixed-technology systems.

Saber Automotive Overview

The industry standard for Robust Design methods for mixed-signal, mixed-domain Mechatronic systems.

Saber Functional Safety

Offering automotive engineers a comprehensive safety verification tool for ISO 26262 random hardware faults.

Saber Simulator

Industry Standard for Multi-Domain and Mixed-Signal Simulation


Intuitive, integrated environment for designing and analyzing power electronic systems.

SpyGlass Power

Complete Solution for Power Optimization at RTL