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Verdi Transaction Debug Platform: A Simplified Way to Debug IIP Designs and SoC

This white paper describes the concept of debugging with “real time dump” using Verdi Transaction Debug Platform (Protocol Analyzer, nWave, nTrace). - May 2018

Measuring and Analyzing SoC Performance with Verdi Performance Analyzer

Measure and Analyze SoC Performance with Verdi Performance Analyzer using VIP and HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) technology and controllers. - May 2018

Enabling Synchronized Hardware Software Debug with Verdi³

Verdi³™ HW SW Debug is an instruction-accurate embedded processor debug solution that offers fully synchronized views between hardware, as RTL or gate-level design models, and software, as C or ...

Transaction Debug with Verdi

SoC design is complex. It involves both software and hardware design that calls for a higher level of abstraction to ensure accurate verification. Transaction-level verification and debug offers ...

Rethinking SoC Verification

The industry is at an inflection point that calls for new, integrated verification solutions that will offer a fundamental shift forward in productivity, performance, capacity and functionality. ...