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VC SpyGlass Lint

The VC SpyGlass Lint provides an integrated solution for analysis, debug, and fixing tied to the RTL description of the design.

VC SpyGlass RDC

VC SpyGlass RDC is built on a VC SpyGlass RTL Signoff platform that provides scalable capacity for quality signoff with high debug productivity.

VC SpyGlass CDC

VC SpyGlass provides a comprehensive methodology with scalable capacity for quality signoff with high debug productivity.

HAPS-SX Prototyping

The HAPS®-SX product line offers low-cost FPGA-based prototypes targeted at customers familiar with hands-on methods for prototype bring-up.

HAPS Prototyping Solution

Synopsys’ HAPS® (High-Performance ASIC Prototyping System) prototyping solution offers an integrated prototyping flow.

VC Verification IP for CPRI

Download the Verification IP for CPRI datasheet which eliminates the need for language translation wrappers that affect performance and ease-of-use.

SpyGlass Constraints

Address challenges with a broad-based solution starting early in design process.

HAPS Co-Sim and Transaction-Based Validation Suite

Software tools and libraries enabling connection between HAPS and a host workstation.

VC Verification IP for GDDR6

Synopsys® VC Verification IP for JEDEC GDDR6 provides a comprehensive set of protocol, methodology, verification, and productivity features, enabling users to achieve accelerated verification ...

ZeBu Server 4 Spec Sheet

The ZeBu Server 4 emulation system enables SoC verification and software bring-up to address the exploding verification requirements of automotive, 5G, networking, artificial intelligence, and ...