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A Fully Reusable Register Memory Access Solution Using VMM RAL

Register structure and memory modeling is a very complex task of any verification methodology. - Paul Lungu, Bo Zhu, Synopsys - April, 2008

Circuit Simulation

Circuit Simulation performance, accuracy and capacity for AMS verification

Device Models

HSPICE is an exceedingly accurate and user friendly circuit simulator that supports a comprehensive selection of IDM and Foundry Certified compact device models, together with the state-of-the-art ...

Verilog-A Models

Verilog-A Models

HSPICE Integrator Program

The HSPICE Integrator Program enables qualified EDA vendors to integrate their products with the Synopsys HSPICE simulator and Custom WaveView products.

What's New in HSPICE

Every six months Synopsys introduces a new feature release of HSPICE. Half way between each feature release, Synopsys provides a service pack release of HSPICE.


Synopsys’ Simulation and Analysis Environment (SAE) is a comprehensive transistor-level simulation and analysis environment that is tightly integrated and included with Synopsys’ HSPICE®, FineSim® ...

CustomSim Circuit Check

CustomSim Circuit Check (CCK) helps users to avoid wasted simulation time by finding design and performance problems automatically, reporting potential problems in a circuit before running simulation.

CustomSim Reliability Analysis

Synopsys CustomSim provides a complete set of analysis tools for device-level and interconnect reliability analysis; including IR drop, current density and electromigration, and device aging.

Waveform Analysis and Debug

Synopsys Analysis and Debug products provide a unique approach to mixed-signal verification that enable engineers to efficiently analyze and debug complex AMS SoCs.