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Saber for Mechatronic Design & Simulation

Saber for mechatronic design and simulation provides powerful simulation tools with the ability to analyze and verify interactions between multiple physical domains.

Saber for Robust Design

Saber for Robust Design is an intuitive, integrated environment for designing and analyzing power electronic systems and multi-domain physical systems.

Saber Partners and Interfaces

Synopsys Saber Partners and Interfaces integrate for comprehensive co-simulation and powerful PCB design, simulation, and analysis.

Saber for Aerospace Systems

Synopsys' industry leading Saber design environment provides advanced analyses and comprehensive model libraries that enable the design of aerospace design applications.

Saber for Automotive Systems

Saber for automotive systems is used to design and verify the interaction of multiple technologies to reduce design cycle time and maximize performance and reliability.

Virtual Prototyping Use Cases

Synopsys Virtual Prototyping use cases for software-driven verification, software development, integration, and test, and supply chain enablement.

Virtual Prototyping Benefits

Synopsys Virtual Prototyping benefits include powerful authoring and end-user tools, the largest portfolio of models, standard-based methodologies and expert services.