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Automotive Safety Verification for ISO 26262

Synopsys Automotive Safety Verification for ISO 26262 provides functional safety verification for automobile development with compliance to ISO 26262 requirements.

Prototyping in Automotive

Synopsys Automotive Prototyping Solutions allows acceleration and collaboration on the development of automotive systems from Semiconductor, Tier 1, and OEMs.

Low Power Verification

Synopsys Low Power Verification and Prototyping Solutions help meet stringent design goals by providing solutions to deliver longer battery life and lower power consumption.

Synopsys Low Power Verification

Synopsys low power verification delivers functional and transistor-level verification technologies that address the requirements of power-managed designs.

Synopsys Energy Efficient System Design

Synopsys energy efficient system design includes virtual prototypes that address the need for early, software-driven power analysis and optimization.

Virtual Prototyping Application Markets

Synopsys Virtual Prototypes are used in a wide variety of virtual prototyping application markets including automotive, wireless handsets, and consumer products.

Modeling Libraries & Tools

Saber users have access to modeling libraries and tools, characterized models, and model templates for a wide range of component types.

Wire Harness Verification

Saber Wire Harness Verification and Simulation allows designers to achieve targeted electric requirements of wiring systems and optimize performance and cost.


Saber methodologies provide designers tools to reduce your safety lifecycle time and simulate interactions between multi-domain physical systems.

Electrical System, Wiring and Harness

The top-down methodology employed in SaberES Designer for synthesis automation of system integration provides a platform for design and automation verification.