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Synopsys’ Simulation and Analysis Environment (SAE) is a comprehensive transistor-level simulation and analysis environment that is tightly integrated and included with Synopsys’ HSPICE®, FineSim® ...

CustomSim Circuit Check

CustomSim Circuit Check (CCK) helps users to avoid wasted simulation time by finding design and performance problems automatically, reporting potential problems in a circuit before running simulation.

CustomSim Reliability Analysis

Synopsys CustomSim provides a complete set of analysis tools for device-level and interconnect reliability analysis; including IR drop, current density and electromigration, and device aging.

Waveform Analysis and Debug

Synopsys Analysis and Debug products provide a unique approach to mixed-signal verification that enable engineers to efficiently analyze and debug complex AMS SoCs.

Custom WaveView ADV

Custom WaveView ADV provides a complete transistor-level analysis and debugging environment for pre-processing and post-processing SPICE and FastSPICE simulations

Synopsys Custom WaveView

Custom WaveView is a graphical waveform viewer and simulation post-processing tool for analog and mixed-signal ICs. Custom WaveView features fast loading, display scrolling, and zooming of very ...