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Prototyping Use Cases

HAPS physical prototyping use cases include accelerating software development, end user evaluation, and prototyping server farms.

HAPS Connect Program

The HAPS Connect Program expands the choice of HapsTrak and Multi-Gigabit board and service offerings available for HAPS systems.

HAPS Extended Warranty

Synopsys HAPS prototyping hardware products extended hardware warranty and additional terms and conditions.

HAPS Terms & Conditions

Synopsys terms and conditions for HAPS hardware products including warranty, use restrictions, insurance, and limitation of liability.

Synopsys License Agreement

Synopsys end-user software license and maintenance agreement for Synopsys software products covering licensing, restrictions, and limitation of liability.

DesignWare IP

The interoperability of Synopsys HAPS extends to the DesignWare IP Prototyping Kits available for a variety of popular interface IP.

HAPS Prototyping Hardware

The HAPS Prototyping Hardware is designed to support all of your ASIC prototyping needs, including hardware verification.

HAPS Prototyping Software

Synopsys’ HAPS prototyping software tools provide engineers with design planning, logic synthesis, and debug tools to address the largest SoC designs.

Verification Solutions

Synopsys’ Verification Solutions include Aerospace and Defense Verification, Automotive Verification and Prototyping, and Low Power Verification and Prototyping Solutions.

Aerospace and Defense Verification

Synopsys’ verification solutions enable aerospace and defense customers to deliver innovative products faster and cheaper, while meeting the required safety standards.