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Virtual Prototyping Services

Based on more than a hundred proven deployments, Synopsys provides the broadest expertise and experience in the industry.

Virtual Prototyping Benefits

Virtual Prototyping Benefits


Virtualizer is part of Synopsys' complete virtual prototyping solution including transaction-level models and consulting services

Hybrid Prototyping

Synopsys’ hybrid prototyping solution blends the strengths of both virtual and FPGA-based prototyping to enable software development and system integration much sooner in the project lifecycle.

Virtual Prototyping Book Chapters

Virtual Prototyping Book Chapters


Virtual Prototyping Book Contributors

Addressing IP Integration & Software Development Challenges to Accelerate SoC...

This white paper will explore the issues facing SoC designers as they address SoC complexity and time-to-market challenges. It will discuss the use of third-party IP while noting that high-quality ...

Debugging SuperSpeed USB Software Using Virtual Prototypes

Software is a critical component for the development of USB-based designs. In efforts to start software development early and to make it as productive as possible, design teams are often utilizing ...

A Fully Reusable Register Memory Access Solution Using VMM RAL

Register structure and memory modeling is a very complex task of any verification methodology. - Paul Lungu, Bo Zhu, Synopsys - April, 2008

Circuit Simulation

Circuit Simulation performance, accuracy and capacity for AMS verification