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SaberES Designer

SaberES Designer™ enables design teams to address these challenges by providing an integrated process for electrical system design from concept to manufacturing. SaberES Designer minimizes data ...

Virtual Prototyping Use Cases

Virtual Prototyping Use Cases


Virtualizer Development Kits (VDKs) are software development kits containing design-specific virtual prototypes as well as debug and analysis tools and sample software. A virtual development kit ...

VDK for ARC HS38 Processor

The VDK for DesignWare® ARC® HS Processors is a software development kit that uses a virtual prototype of an ARC HS38 processor-based system.


The VDK for NXP MPC5xxx MCU, built on Power Architecture® technology, is a software development kit using virtual prototypes of NXP MPC5xxx based microcontrollers.


he VDK for NXP S32V200 is a software development kit using a virtual prototype of the NXP S32V234 microcontroller (MCU) as an embedded target. It focuses on the development of advanced driver ...

VDK for Renesas RH850 MCU

The VDK for Renesas RH850 MCU, is a software development kit using virtual prototypes of Renesas RH850 microcontroller family.

Virtual Prototyping Models

Product development teams using virtual prototyping require a comprehensive set of transaction-level models (TLMs) that serve as the building blocks of virtual prototypes.

Architecture Design Models

Synopsys Platform Architect supports the broadest commercially available portfolio of pre-instrumented SystemC Transaction-Level Models (TLM) models for SoC architecture exploration and validation.

DesignWare TLM Library

Synopsys DesignWare TLM Library