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SaberRD is an intuitive, integrated environment for designing and analyzing power electronic systems and multi-domain physical systems.

SaberRD Training Video Series

The SaberRD training video series is a collection of short videos and corresponding lab exercises offering technical training, tips and tricks for Saber users.

SaberES Designer

SaberES Designer enables design teams to address these challenges by providing an integrated process for electrical system design from concept to manufacturing.

SaberES Designer Training Video Series

The SaberES Designer training video series is a collection of short videos showing basic SaberES Designer operations demonstrating how various tasks are performed.


Synopsys offers a family of VDKs referencing virtual prototypes that can be used by customers to start software bring-up or easily extended to match design requirements.

VDK for ARC HS38 Processor

The VDK for DesignWare ARC HS Processors is a software development kit that uses a virtual prototype of an ARC HS38 processor-based system.


VDK family for ARM Processors offers a range of Virtualizer Development Kit models and software tools to span application domains enabling earlier software development.

Virtual Prototyping Models

Synopsys offers Virtual Prototyping models covering performance optimized processor models and peripheral models representing IP from most leading IP vendors.

Architecture Design Models

Synopsys Architecture Design Models enable efficient design, analyze, and optimize the performance and power of multicore SoC architectures in Platform Architect.

DesignWare TLM Library

The Synopsys DesignWare TLM Library provides a comprehensive set of standards-based, transaction-level models of DesignWare Interface and Standards IP.